The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game: download to start the webbing on your Android, Java and iOS


It goes without saying that superhero movies root out from comic books, make its way to the big-screen and lands onto mobile phones as games. Same thing to good’ol Spidey, The Amazing Spider-Man on Philippine movie screens and to Pinoy’s pocket-toys.

Are you familiar with Gameloft? Of course you are! When it comes to miniaturizing games to fit into your mobile toys, they probably have bagged-in a lot of created versions for several movies and superheroes and even Tetris-like games. And now, they’re bringing in the newer face of Spider-Man to web things up inside your phone systems.

The Amazing Spider-Man game is now available for download on iOS, Android and even the older platform Java. But of course you don’t get ranting like a little kid awhile wondering while Spidey’s face looks better on your friend’s droid-mobile compared to your Java phone – graphically, the game will be better on higher platforms. What’s good with the Java version, it’s for free!

JAVA Free Download (For Sun and Smart). Just text SPIDERMAN to 2479. A link will be sent back to you that will guide you on furthering the installation. Globe subscribers, worry not for Spider-man will be gliding onto your mobile phones soon.

Downloading Spider-man game for iOS entails $6.99 or would be around Php300. Go to this link for screenshots and instructions.

And for Android users, it’s priced at Php291.69. Click this link to get the slinging action now!

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