Speedtest.net Android app on Samsung Galaxy S3 [video]


SPEEDTEST.net is a known web application to which you can utilize in checking your internet speed and other bandwidth details. This also graphs your PING/ms count that is parallel to your bandwidth speed. It’s prime function is to measure DOWNLOAD speed that outputs dependently to your connection type. Speedtest.NET also roots and displays the primary server that you are sourcing your internet from and presents the details in graphical form.

Since the advent of Android mobile machines, Speedtest.NET also aligned itself in creating its functional Android app that you can download from GOOGLE play direct to your droids. This provides you with easier access of checking bandwidth details just by using your smartphones and tablets. Here are some actual images that I’ve took at the NOODLEFACTORY using a Samsung Galaxy S3-

Here’s a short video on how you can download and utilize Speedtest.net Android App on your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Do also check other NOODLEFACTORY videos on our YouTube Channel.

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