Port Forwarding on ZTE ZXV10 W300S [BayanDSL Modem]


Forwarding PORTS – why is there a need to do so? These ports are virtual ports that certain applications utilize as IDied gateways to where they connect respectively. Using a standalone modem means that ports are open and don’t require specific combinations like port values to function. But, a common problem with using just a modem, not all ports become transparent and some applications cannot bypass its configuration thus using a router solves the problem. Another but, what if the modem you are using is a combo modem/router which already integrates a routing function like a ZTE ZXV10 W300S that is issued by BayanDSL?

I’ve also had difficulties in opening specific ports required by an online radio server but still managed to make it work. Let me share so, it might be effective on your end. Before you open ports, you first have to know what port numbers your application requires. Whether you’re opening ports for XBOX, for Torrents, and others, try to find port numbers here or look up on Google.

On your computer, open up a web browser. Access your ZXV10 W300S BayanDSL modem’s IP address, If it doesn’t display a page, your gateway might have been changed. Resetting or reconfiguring is another task. If you so manage to get a USERNAME and PASSWORD page, then its cool…



CLICK on NAT right at the secondary tabs


Rule Index: Leave it as is or either set it blank

Application: Best to use default. Secondary option is to set it to [-]

Protocol: This could either use TCP, UDP or BOTH. For both you can use ALL. Check whether the application you are opening ports for would use any of those units.

Start Port Number: Here you need to input the port number that you need to forward.

End Port number: Same, usually larger port value than the Start value. It could also be the same.

This is usually like, START: 2100 and the END: 2200. Sometimes also could be both 2200 or 2100. Again, this is the most important combination. You have to be sure of the port values specific to your application or hardware. If numeric values are incorrect, then it will not work.

Local IP Address: Here you have to enter the IP address of the PC or hardware that you are forwarding.

Once done, just click SAVE right at the bottom of the page. If you need to forward other applications and systems, you will need to add more port numbers. Just repeat the procedure from the beginning and you’d be OK. You are allowed to create 16 numeric forwarding rules for a ZTE ZXV10 W300S BayanDSL modem/router.

If you are into configuring your ZTE ZXV10 W300S BayanDSL modem/router’s for Wi-Fi wireless throws, then look up info on this page.

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