the gates of Albay Park and Wildlife are now officially open for a digital tour


Albay Park and Wildlife, a place located some kilometers away from Legazpi City centrale where a mini zoo was built and still maintained up until now. It’s been eight years past and it’s still existent. The succeeding posts of this photoblog will for sure be about my visit to Albay Park and Wildlife so expect several photoblog pages coming. I’ll tour you around the place with what’s in there to see and we’ll go birding around since large counts of animals in there are birds –

matchstick photography, low-cost exposures


Photography on a budget – matchsticks as your subject! It’s quite interesting that literally anything can be an output of exposure. Just work on your exposure triangle and polish your raw files using Adobe Photoshop or any equivalent photo editing software, then you’ll get some like these…

Hon. Paul Hellyer and I believe in Aliens!


I’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut when I was a kid, although it bothers me then of what issue there is between the words cosmonaut and astronaut, but that’s been resolved by aging already. Just few weeks back, I came across a video about a UFO disclosure from a former Canadian minister of defence, honorable Paul Hellyer. He is saying that some aliens of different species are living with us, here on Earth?!

the Canon Center Pinch Lens Cap photography


I can still remember how funny it was when I first handled my own DSLR. Years back I had a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm lens. I set the camera to manual and shoot the Nikon lens cap that came with the lens hundreds of times, if not thousands of exposures. I placed it over a desk, over a leaf, at the side of a bottle, on my pants, etc. Also, I shot it at different angles, left, right, on the side, bird’s eye, worm’s eye, and a lot more different arrangements.

portraits of a Canon EOS 60D


Here are some portraits of the Canon EOS 60D I’ve purchased from Dianne’s Gadgets and Gizmos (watch the video here…). I decided to take pictures of it before it gets soiled up in the upcoming photo shoots. Good thing I was able to take these photos as early as now before this Canon machine suffers for the touch of Hyperhidrosis.

cogitating on UFOs at Embarcadero de Legazpi


Such interesting architecture makes me think of Apollo spacecrafts. It also look like a space station’s vacuum walkway only that it lacks the transparent air shields. While I was framing a shot with my Canon EOS 60D, I was laughing within thinking of how crazy I am believing in space creatures, dreaming of piloting a ship to rendevouz with them on different planets to sip some coffee, understand and talk E.T. semantics while enthusiastically explaining how luscious Lucky Me Pancit Canton is...

a Sunday afternoon, around 4:20PM…. rainy… at Embarcadero de Legazpi


I planned to take photographs of the place to showcase its glory during sunset so I pulled out my Canon EOS 60D and walked around to click some pictures before the sun goes down but to my dismay, just right after the very first exposure, it rained! And it rained hard with big drops looking like pentaprisms falling onto the ground.

Benro T800EX Lightweight Aluminum Tripod unboxing (purchased from Photoline Philippines)


I’ve purchased a Benro T800EX Lightweight Aluminum Tripod to compliment my Canon EOS 60D which I recently acquired from Dianne’s Gadgets and Gizmos (watch the Canon EOS 60D 180-135mm Kit 2013 unboxing here). I would’ve wanted to get a better Benro model than this, those Travel Angel Series Tripods but I’m limited to only spending Php1,500.00, just enough for a Benro T800EX priced for Php1,450.00 at Photoline Polangui, Albay.

Canon EOS 60D quick video sample 2013 (indoor)


I’ve met up with Ms. Dianne’s brother-in-law at SM Megamall McDonalds around 11:30AM on a Saturday. Everything has got to be fast for me since I would need to go back home to Bicol as quick as I can. Hi’s and Hello’s have been exchanged and we went down to business. He pulled the Canon 60D boxed kit out of his bag and we started inspecting things, checked the EOS body, the lens, the manuals, etc. and like how it should be, everything’s brand new!

Canon EOS 60D 18-135mm Kit Unboxed 2013 (purchased from Dianne’s Gadgets and Gizmos)


Just days ago, I was tasked to work on a photography assignment that required me to use a better camera than my Canon Powershot A3300 compact IS, something with advanced controls to manually manage aperture, shutter speed and ISOs. My old Nikon D3100 would’ve sufficed though but it’s been years gone since I sold it over at so I was left with buying a new one. This photography job needed me to get a camera as soon as having a two day lead time.