Make QR Codes using QR Droid desktop/web version


Smartphones wouldn’t be a smartphone without a QR code scanner. Like what DroidLa’s taglinefor their famous quick response app reader/creator says – it’s not a smartphone without it!

QR, or quick response is prototyped from an early automotive labeling/ info-encoding patent which have been used in the early years for the automotive commerce. It uses the matrix barcode system, or two dimensional images of commonly black square dots comprising a figure representing a cryptogram. We often see this in stores where books, snacks and other products that we purchase are being scanned for price and serial digit registry.


With the technology that we have right now, the science of QR codes has also been adapted to make information transfer easier just by scanning these bar codes using your phone’s camera. One of the most used application is QR Droid which has both a mobile version that you can download and install on your smart-mobile devices and a desktop/web version which you can use in case you’ll need to do some QR encoding on your PCs.

Here’s a quick video demo on how QR Droid works on its web platform.

Do also check some other NOODLEWORZCH videos on YouTube.

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