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Upon purchasing a Cherry Mobile Flare, I was told by one of the saleswomen that the unit hasn’t gotten an FM Radio yet and if I may wait in line for their technicians to upgrade the handset, I can with no extra charge. I decided not to since I needed to do unboxing and app preview videos with all the stock applications and that I should have it untouched yet.

And after some days I was able to create several videos, unboxing, app previews, game demos, etc. and now it’s time to do the upgrade, from build v22 to build v37.For some users with CM Flare issues, Cherry Mobile has released an official v37 Firmware Build upgrade that addresses some bugs and fixes few known errors enclosed on a v37 firmware package:


1. Fixes portrait mode in Messaging – there have been some devices that don’t tilt to landscape mode when in Messaging, the update v37 fixes this error
2. Fixes inverted camera on video calls – some CM Flare devices experienced inverted camera view when using video chat apps alike Skype, the update v37 fixes this error
3. Prolongs battery life by minimal incremental discharge – the update v37 is somewhat reported by several users to slow down battery drain thus lengthening the power of the battery
4. Adds FM Radio – the prior or base build v22 which is the stock firmware right out of the box when purchasing a CM Flare doesnot have an FM Radio app installed, the update v37 supplements this app
5. Faster and smoother – as some claims, the v37 update speeds up a CM Flare making it better than that of the older v22 build

I’ve managed to record a detailed tutorial video right below on how to install the Official Firmware Build v37 Cherry Mobile Flare update. Watch from start till end to make sure that you understood everything before applying the fix. Also, charge your phone to about 80%, or better yet full battery percentage as you don’t want your phone to surrender while in the update process.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you are installing a fully downloaded uncorrupted file of the v37 zip. Check that it should be 146MB in size.

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