Cherry Mobile bares Superion TV, 7-incher tablet with OTG TV


Cherry Mobile is issuing android machines that’s adhering to Filipinos for them to acquire quality mobile computing products at affordable prices. From cheaply priced Android smartphones to smarttablets that’s of value purchase!
This time, Cherry Mobile will be soon starting off with their distribution of a 7-incher ICS droid equipped with on-the-go TV feature – the Superion TV. That’s something to WOW about! And for the second time, here’s a Wowing price of only Php5,999. OK, sure, why wow now since I haven’t listed down the complete selling specs yet. Let’s list ‘em down shall we,


Cherry Mobile Superion TV Specifications

Processor: 1GHz Processor
OS: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Screen Perimeter: 7-inch Touchscreen
SIM Slot: Equipped for SMS and Calls
Front Camera: VGA Camera
Back Camera: 2MP
RAM: 512MB
Storage: 4GB
Expansion: microSD up to 32GB
Tuners: Mobile TV
Power: 3200mAh battery

And let’s not forget the bigger muscle, a built-in TV tuner. Does this require analog pull-out extendable antennas?
The Superion TV is something for Pinoys. We all know that a large percentage of Filipinos are into television viewing, that’s a smart blueprint by Cherry Mobile to include a TV feature. It’s literally what we can call – on-the-go tablet TV.

If you’re not much of a TV guy, then get a Cherry Mobile Fusion Ice.

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