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Optimizing images for websites on Photoshop CS5 [video]


Each time someone visits your site, the URL is queried and is loaded. Dynamic websites load elements hierarchically based on the frame of your wrappers. The header loads first, then the body, some coded scripts, and the footer. If an image has been optimized or technically been sized down in byte measures, then it’ll load fast.

How to create HD/HQ wallpaper on Photoshop CS5


Creating high quality (HQ) images optimized for HD displays involves few Photoshop clicks. Basically, we want to create these HD images to get a pixel-perfect, sharp and defined image for use as desktop, PC, HDTV’s or smartphone wallpapers.

How to install and setup Facebook Plugin for WordPress


There are several ways of integrating FACEBOOK on websites. For manual HTML/iframe codes, you can read up on These codes can be inserted to your website or WordPress theme and is rooted through Facebook’s server with scripting support whenever your page is queried and loaded.

How to create HQ background images for videos on Photoshop CS5 [video]


In creating YouTube video tutorials, it isn’t enough presenting your PC’s or Mac’s desktop showing just a wallpaper of either your face or of any image that is somewhat irrelevant to the videos that you are creating. It’s true that it wouldn’t take up much exposure since the wallpaper of your desktop might be shown only a few times but giving it a defined background image helps in two positive ways.

How to upload site elements on a web server through CPanel [video]


Uploading site elements to your public directory in CPanel is a prerequisite before your website goes live and be viewable on the internet. There are a lot ways loading web elements into a website. These elements include your source codes, images, scripts, videos and audio files that you want to serve through your hosting service via a domain or URL.

How to edit images to Black and White on Adobe Photoshop CS5 [video]


In the olden times, cameras are limited to interpreting colors yet only partial to black and white. These days, displaying a black and white image suggest historic and resonant elucidations. There are a lot of purposes why we’d want to decolorize an image, all those points to outputting an image with a different phenomenon and at heightened spectacles.

How to manually backup a website archived through CPanel [video]


Site backup is absolute to website administration. Software automated or constant manual backups are essential to keeping your website in stream. There are several reasons why perpetual database and source code backup is highly required.

How to create HD/HQ watermark for photos and videos on Photoshop CS5


Digital Watermarks are simply image overlays on a base photograph for the purpose of imprinting a digital ID. With your digital tag, either an emblem or text, this then let your viewers know that you own the photograph or artwork, also work with videos.

How to change Adobe Audition 3.0 color scheme


There’s this thing we always call “visual preference” – just when your eyes want colors and hues and even shapes to agree with its liking. That is also true to softwares where programmers sometimes consider the colors of the panels and sliders and designed them to be changeable.