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Redescribing with just a photograph


What I’ve decided then is to broaden the scope by downgrading to a personal website. It’s a downgrade for me since it was my primary blog latitude back in 2007. Anyway, this then allows me to write almost about anything.

12.12.12: What’s it about, anyway?


I should’ve posted this earlier before the day had ended. To some parts of the globe, it’s still December 12, 2012 and to others, like here in the Philippines, it’s now an hour and a half past the 12th day of December. What’s so significant about 12.12.12?

Holy War: The Unending Conflict Between Christians and Muslims


Confusion sets in, having himself in deepest query as to what they are defending and whether the creed they’re fighting for is true. The greatest question of truth plunges in him. Giving his mind diversions into two pathways, to keep his faith or to lead himself to the worlds of evil.

Judges: The Divided Earth in its Nearing Death


Thousands of years have passed under the vagueness of truth that never had come to light and never been unraveled – the greatest mysteries of the divinity of Heaven. Never had there been an answer to deepest ponderings of human thinking of sacred inquiries.

Musical Dime: A Prose on the Life of Beggars


And so I woke up from a dream, a dream that was grand and elusive. The sounds of the orchestral nature of a world I have led me open my eyes. So clear, so much clear was the beauty of such as I gazed savoring the sweet smell of the winds blowing on my skin… skin with a color close to purple.

the Ghostwriter


Compared to the previous websites I've authored with broad target contents, having as a personal blog, I’d have the freedom to post literally anything. Right after moving some of the older posts I’ve had sourced from, I thought of tucking into one matrix all those that I've written.

Finally! Posts duplication done! New server and domain now active!


Finally! I've managed to port almost all of the posts I've had from to this new domain+server. It took me close to three weeks duplicating about 470+ pages... and that's manual!

Subway Surfers dashes from iOS to Android, now available on Google Play


Subway Surfers, prior to getting through to Google Play store, the game app had been exclusive for iOS devices and have already reached 25million downloads and counting. With such number of iOS users, porting the game over to Android market might hit it more massive – would probably double the download revenue.

Globe Telecom and BlackBerry bring Nicki Minaj live in Manila for One Night Only


Globe Telecom, the leader in postpaid, partners with Research In Motion (RIM), the company that propels BlackBerry phones, treats the boom boom bass fans for a free concert party to see Nicki Minaj live in Manila for the ‘One Night-Only’ concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena scheduled on the 11th of July, 2012.

Timothy Bradley wins over Manny Pacquiao


The result of the World Welterweight Championship at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9, 2012 between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Ray Bradley, Jr. got the real boxing fans ranting! Certainly and literally, Timothy Bradley lost the fight, but as what the technicalities of judging say, Manny Pacquiao lost his belt having the favor awarded to Bradley via split decision.