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New D&D Acoustic and DC Series Electric Guitars 2012


Just a week ago, I was at Legazpi Gaisano Mall looking up for a cheap set of acoustic guitar strings and some pieces of soft teardrop picks when I’m prompted with a D&D Slim Standard. There’s nothing to be amazed though since I’ve got the very same guitar. I asked for the price, it was Php7,999, a little expensive compared to Php6,500 when I got it a year back. I recalled how I begged the storekeeper to give me a Php1000 cutback since it was originally for Php7500 at Alfonso’s Music Store in Naga City.

Tun-d Free Guitar Tuner, recommended tuner app for Android


Tun-d is a digital stringed instrument tuner that functions with hands-free operation. Unlike other tuner apps, this doesn’t require you pressing on strings or lettered buttons and have you compare the sound coming out from your device and your instrument. With Tun-d, it’s simple as ever!

JB Music PH extends HISTORICAL HIMIG LAKAS SALE until November 15


Yes, you are reading everything right… No typos! HISTORICAL HIMIG LAKAS SALE is extended to run up until the 15th of November. This just buys you more time to load up your Bad Piggies designed piggy banks – call that a pre-Christmas offering.

Audiophile Philippines now ships provincial orders thru LBC, JRS and AP Cargo


Noypi musicians who want to have an Ibanez Glaive, a GSR205 Bass Guitar, a Tama HP910LS Speed Cobra Single Pedal, or an Ibanez GRX90 electric guitar – their all available at Audiophile PH. Just head straight to any of their branches and bring home that music gear you’ve ever wanted! But what if you’re in a place like mine, a spot similar to Plato’s allegorical cave, how can you get your hands on those?

Ibanez XG300 Glaive: Php17K+ at Audiophile PH


XG300 Glaive is a fixed bridge guitar lined up with Ibanez’s X Series. The name Glaive is rooted from a European weapon classified under swords. It has a singled-edged blade that is connected to a long pole. It looks like a spear but differs in a way instead of spearheads, it has a larger tip. Ibanez adapted the name of this medieval weapon to grant the XG300 warrior like spirit to bring a warmer feel for metal guitar players.

JB Music PH cuts 20% off on EMG Guitar Pickups


OK, so your guitah got'da lukz? With 24-fretz and a sekzy Les Paul body? That’s totally rock and roll man but uhm, how about the way it sounds? Do the balls sound baller enough to crack those hi-grade speaker cabs? If not, what good is there playing Master of Puppets when it sounds like your scraping cardboard?

Ibanez GSR205 Bass Guitar: Php11K+ at Audiophile PH


Ibanez’s GIO line of electric and base guitars are the one’s most affordable. One of its versatile bass guitars is the Ibanez GSR205 which has standard DXH-5N neck and DXH-5B bridge pick-ups. Also, it utilizes Phat II EQ boost for low end ball sounds.

Tama HP910LS Speed Cobra Single Pedal: Php7K+ at Audiophile PH


Get your foot some real drumming power! Metal rocking bands that’d need fast paced rhythmic progressions, the Tama HP910LS Speed Cobra Single Pedal is just the right pedal to keep you rattling. Get your Tama HP910LS Speed Cobra Single Pedal at Audiophile PH. It’s currently priced at Php7K+, if you’d wait a little, they might throw in discounts for the holidays. But oh, I just thought so – waiting up to get this on Christmas probably will get you to a “ah, out of stock na po sir, dami kasi bumili”.

Tama Superstar Hyper-drive Drumset now available at Audiophile PH

Calling all drummers! TAMA Superstar Hyper-drive Drumset now available at Audiophile SM North Edsa. Yes, you’ve read it right. Audiophile just posted on their Facebook page images of a TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive Drumset. The images show three colors which suggests that they might have those three available as options.

Samson DK8 Drum Microphone Set: Php18K+ at Audiophile PH


Drummers wanting to amplify their drum-kits with a good sounding drum mic? Or for those wanting to have a decent drum recording? Samson DK8 Drum Microphone Set digitizes analog drum sound into audio impulses for recordings and output amplification. This Samson 8-piece mic kit costs Php18K+ and is available at Audiophile PH branches.