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Cherry Mobile FLARE – Raging Thunder II Android gameplay


The gyroscope is responsive, I don’t get that tilted left or tilted right feel that others say they are. I just would like to emphasize that I’m getting bumps and edgings while racing since my view has been limited due to my camera that’s clouding my vision while filming. But if played straight with no obstructions, the game runs lag free.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Cherry-Mobile-Flare


The classic, epic, grand, impressive, favored, loved, addicting, hog bashing, bird firing, and… what more? – Angry Birds have gone into Tatooineto take the battle one step further, I mean one planet further! It’s not enough saying you’re an Android fan if you haven’t gotten to play this Pig-O-Vader and Bird-Skywalker action on your mecha.

Contract Killer 2 Zombies – Cherry Mobile Flare


Playing Contract Killer 2 Zombies – some zombie gaming action on a Cherry Mobile Flare! What’s amazing with a CM Flare is that it’s sobrang sulit with its price. At Php3,999, you get high graphics games running smoothly on this dual-core Android. I’ve also tried some Zombiewood – Zombies in LA! and it runs smoothly, check out that game demo on this post.

Subway Surfers World Tour Rio — Cherry Mobile FLARE


Here’s a gameplay demo of Subway Surfers, an original iOS game which has been ported to Android for some months already. The game runs smoothly on a dual-core 1.2Ghz Cherry Mobile Flare or in some regionsknown as the Karbonn A9+. No lags, no ghostings, and the gyroscope is just about okay, I haven’t experienced that known issue of imbalance stabilizers.

Dead Trigger – Cherry Mobile FLARE


This is one of my favorite zombie-killing games. I like the graphics, storyline, and gun controls a lot. Although I like it that much, I never had the time of completing the game or even getting to further levels being busy with some other things but this time, just after the unboxing of this inexpensive yet elegant looking Cherry Mobile Flare, is a chance to squeeze-in some zombie butchery!

Bombshell Hell’s Belles – Cherry-Mobile-Flare


You will need to have your gyros calibrated for this as it will take you to a lot of spin left and spin right airflight. I have had a bit of a difficulty gunning and bombing since the CM Flare handset tried to escape the boundaries of my video frame a lot of times. :D Bombshell Hell’s Belles demoed on a dual-core Cherry Mobile Flare [Karbonn A9+].

Mutant Roadkill – Cherry Mobile Flare


Here’s another Android game I enjoy playing on a Cherry Mobile Flare – Mutant Roadkill. The graphics of the game isn’t that heavy so no lags and ghostings unlike with Dead Trigger. What you’ll have to do is just rock your way bumping and gunning those mutating creatures down to death!

PBA Bowling Challenge – Cherry Mobile FLARE


Some bowling action on a Cherry Mobile Flare!

Temple Run 2 – Cherry Mobile FLARE


There are three probable game tests that you would run on a newly purchased Android device, play some bird-slinging with Angry Birds, do some ninja moves while cutting fruits and vegies with Fruit Ninja, or either do medieval runs while being chased by a hybrid panda that looks like an outgrown weasel – Temple Run!

Rail Rush game demo on Cherry Mobile Flare


For some people who’ve been sending in comments asking how a Cherry Mobile Flare performs with regards to gaming, I’ve uploaded several videos of game demos on my YouTube channel NOODLEWORZCH. Also, here’s another perfectly rendered game playable on a Cherry Mobile Flare.