Cagsawa Church Belfry


The famous Cagsawa Church belfry in Daraga, Albay, Philippines as seen from under an archway

Anti-abortion sculpture photograph


An anti-abortion sculpture in front of Legazpi Parish Church in Bicol, Philippines.

Legazpi Church Tower


Legazpi Church Tower as seen from under a pergola.

His Eyes: A street child’s juvenile gaze


HIs Eyes: A street child's juvenile gaze.

Urban Decay Photoshoot: Solstice


Urban Decay Photoshoot Couturier: Willi De Legazpi of Willi De Legazpi Couture Ultimate Stylist: Maria Kurenai Accessories: Ibeauty Shopii Photography and Post Process: Tyron John Clidoro

proverbs on life and animals all around Albay Park and Wildlife


Proverbs, sayings, mantra, catch phrases – however they are referred to, these are those that sing refrains to a man’s brain. Read on each of the quotes, it makes a man wiser everytime. Two things though – either you agree with its proposal or you negate and repel. I for sure have left a lot more proverbs like these that I’ve missed shooting. Whenever you get the chance to visit Albay Park and Wildlife, try to capture some too –

at Albay Park and Wildlife – what animals would you really expect to see?


What animals would you really anticipate to have a close look at? I myself would like to see the sea eagles again and also the tiger, but I’d love to photograph them all! Here’s a listing of the animals that Albay Park and Wildlife houses, although not all of them may be present anymore due to some are only kept for a short period of rehabilitation and sent back to the wild maybe? Or for natural reasons of mortality.

bluish cockatoo – Albay Park and Wildlife


What’s funny with this photograph is that it’s filtered. I forgot to change my Canon DSLR’s White Balance to AWB. I left it as it was the last time I used it to Tungsten – that made the bird look bluish. Don't worry, you wouldn’t see more of this bluish avian anymore since I've managed to alter my DSLR setting to full manual and standard balance just right after this exposure.

Albay Park and Wildlife – Admission Rates


As of this writing, the current rate for Albay Park and Wildlife’s admission fee is only Php20.00 for adults and Php10.00 for kids. If my memory serves me right, this fee has remained unchanged since my last visit three years ago back in 2010. Benches are upfront ready right after you enter the gates. This is pretty convenient for photographers like me who would need a port to dock and assemble light ammos – lenses to body and tripods to release plates before shooting.

Albay Park and Wildlife – Binitayan Rd, Legazpi City – a revisit


The Albay Park and Wildlife is situated in Binitayan Rd, Legazpi City, some distance from the city centrale. A wide land area transformed into a mini zoo where people can connect with nature for some release from pressure of their everydays. A place for relaxation, delight and most of all, photoshoot! The place has lots of fowl of different genus, some reptiles, and the biggest would be the largest cat species - tiger.